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I am a professional programmer and web application tester. I'm sort of a jack of all trades because I work with almost every technology under the sun as a hobby, so most of the questions that appear on StackExchange sites are intensely interesting to me, and many of the answers that I come up with will prove useful to me in my pursuits in the future.

I have professional and serious hobby experience with system administration (client and server), desktop applications and web programming (mostly in higher level languages), audio processing and encoding, functional validation, and application security testing. My degree is in Computer Science but my interests are much broader than most of my peers.

Chances are, if you've got a question related to technology, I'm right there with you -- either I have the same question or have had it at some point in the past. I'll try my best to impart my own personal experience in the hopes that it is useful, but be wary that I sometimes jump the gun and post experiences that may not represent actual fact. I encourage everyone to verify the information they read on the internet before making important decisions based upon it, and my answers are no exception.




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