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comment Test cases for find and replace function of notepad
I agree with Tristaan and User246; this question shows little effort
comment What could cause a “command failed” error when using the Word.Application object to compare two documents?
So you don't have to open the second document to compare the two? It opens the document for you when you call Compare()? You could try writing a VB.Net or C# console app and see if some exception details are returned...
comment Multiple Assembly QA Systems?
Not exactly; we don't make such a distinction between types of tests. The only grouping we apply is for how the components relate to each other. However, if we did care about the type of tests we were writing, we'd probably still have assemblies defined by the components and have test fixtures for each that we could then select from our test runner application. Seeing all your tests for a particular feature or component makes more sense to us than having parts of it spread all over the solution.
comment Multiple Assembly QA Systems?
We focus on the components; so we have projects ( assemblies ) that are an aggregate of a number of related test fixtures ( classes ) that all derive from a common set of base classes and interfaces. This lets of mitigate the explosion of projects in the solution while preserving fine grain control over what we run and the encapsulation of test fixtures.