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comment sometimes “invisible element” exception and sometime ‘timeout’ appers
When you're running the test, in release mode, are you sure that the div you're clicking on is visible?
comment Quantifying change size in a deploy
"Change" by itself doesn't mean anything. Degree of change of what? What are you trying to measure, and what for?
comment Confuse about internet banking testing
That is a terrible exam question. The wording implies that you should only do one type of testing, which is ridiculous.
comment Selenium WebDriver - how to cleanly code with PageObjects in combination with By locators?
Are you sure you need to extract these locator values? If you need to find a dynamic element in the same containing DIV, you can declare the DIV itself as a WebElement and use the WebElement's findElement() method. If you need to determine if an element exists, just call the WebElement's isDisplayed() method.
comment Can you use javascript with selenium webdriver?
If you already know Java, stick to Java - that's webdriver's natural environment. As they say on the front page WebDriver is the name of the key interface against which tests should be written in Java.
comment Regarding pay for entry level
Did the job ad say nothing at all about the salary they were offering?
comment Is it recommended to document how selenium automation tests are laid out?
+1 for refactoring. Logically designed classes and methods with good names make the code much more readable - and the refactoring isn't that hard to do, once you've done the hard work once of figuring out what it does.
comment this is scenario to automate
Well, what have you tried so far? What works, and what doesn't? Are there any particular steps you need help with?
comment Pre-load database for testing
@SamWoods: You should post that as an answer, because that's exactly the solution I'd endorse.
comment Our company needs to perform automation testing for charts like pie chart, bar chart, which testing tool I should go with?
Have you been able to use it to validate more than just the tool tip; for example the shapes, colours, sizes of the data displayed in the graph?
comment Issue in tool tip content
Do you get the same misalignment in every browser? Also, when you view the HTML what do you see?
comment Assessing the quality of a heuristic sorting system
Well, it depends on the customer requirements. How accurate is the heuristic expected to be? 100% accurate? Or is it OK for it to be 80% accurate as long as it's fast?
comment Industry Average Bug Fix Cost
This doesn't really take into account the different costs: for example if you have to fix a bug in production code the costs of a whole new release and deployment.
comment Is it possible to automate Silverlight in windowless mode?
Thanks Dmitry; I'm afraid I can't confirm whether TestComplete would work on the app I was testing, as I am on a different job now.
comment validations for text fields like country, State, cities
I don't think there is one single answer to this question; the appropriate validation depends on your application, what kind of data it can work with and is willing to accept. In any case, I don't think this is really a question about testing is it?
comment How to test the field with different languages?
If you use MS Word's Insert Symbol dialog, you can find everything there; I've used it to keep a file on hand with some good examples for frequent testing. Another source I use is generator.lorem-ipsum.info, where you can generate text with foreign characters and accents very quickly.
comment Web application testing on Mobile browser
Well, that depends on what devices your users will have, and how risk-averse you need to be. Do you have any more background about your situation?
comment Xpath to get the CSS property “background image” of DIV
Not sure what you're trying to do here. Do you know the div's ID, and you want to verify the CSS background-image property? Or do you only know the CSS background-image property, and you want to use that to identify the div and then do some other testing on it?
comment Checking two related functionalities in same test case
Good answer, though I'd recommend thinking hard about whether option 1 is realistic. Management are often resistant to reinterpretation of the data you've given them - and it looks bad for you when you have to tell them that your data is potentially misleading.
comment Unable to locate WYSIWYG element using selenium and phpunit
@Lorina: Thanks for the response. But: when you respond to a comment with more information, it's better to edit your question to include it there; it'll make it a lot more readable.