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comment What should I do with test flappers which cannot be fixed?
I like your 2nd suggestion: to return a skipped result when the underlying framework behaves incorrectly.
comment How to debug heap thrashing problem
The issue was identified in a production environment, and I didn't know the specific user input. After some investigation using Eclipse MAT, it seemed that one thread was holding to a HashMap for maintaining context. And one user-input processor (one of many handlers which process user input) had 800,000 objects of one class in that map. For now, I handed over the problem to author of that class. Either, it was a very big input which should be stopped before it enters our system OR we need to change design in that handler.
comment How to debug heap thrashing problem
Thanks. I started with JProfiler but it was getting stuck while loading the heap. Now, I am using Eclipse MAT. I thought it is good to ask, as some tools can be more optimal for high scale.