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Automated software test tool junkie (currently TestComplete, Jira, Atlassian but expanding) on primarily Java apps to enhance exploratory testing.

comment What's a significant slogan for the formal review process?
If this is found to be inappropriate for this forum, you can also try submitting it as a discussion at www.softwaretestingclub.com. A lot of creative, twisted minds running around there. :)
comment Which automation tool can be used to automate a desktop application whose frontend is developed on MS Access
I did a quick web search and found a hit at the SmartBear TestComplete user forum, where someone asked about testing an ADP file app. You may want to submit your specific question there. Hope that helps!
comment Number of production patches metric
You may want to look at Kate Paulk's answer to a similar question: sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/8115/…
comment How to solve miscommunication issues with qa in order to decrease task redundancy?
Procedures are simply agreements between members of a team. If you are not acting as a team (no communication), then procedures can't help. The only way this will work is if all of the members of the team are convinced that sending potential bugs to the testers for verification is faster than sending them to the developers to fix immediately. That requires trust and communication. Without that, you will have to ask what is the actual role of the testers in the organization? I feel for you - I've been on projects like that in the past and it wasn't pretty. Good luck!
comment QA Testing Process
The topic of automated script maintenance is important. When the script breaks, you have pressure to quickly get it working again, but you need to understand whether the failure is caused by an intended change. Naturally, that requires the automation be maintained "real time". The person running the scripts should be both an experienced tester and an experienced script writer to be efficient - a tough combo to find.
comment QA Testing Process
The point about exploratory approach is well taken. I have also been involved in waterfall government projects that required validation of static requirements in a fixed time frame. That project more closely reflects the process in the description. The intent there, however, was to demonstrate functionality and not a good process for finding defects.
comment How much should a tester understand and rely on implementation details?
Joe - Good point! It's not about testing more or less, but questioning assumptions. Instead of testing the assumption, the tester could also question why that would be valid in all cases and possibly brainstorm some areas that may pose a risk. If no risk areas are identified, then perhaps additional testing is not necessary.
comment Role of Quality Assurance (Not testing!) in Agile
Nice answer! The teams I have been involved with haven't had a label, but in general the quality feedback comes from the discussions about the wider implications (such as dev or build practices) of defects identified during our weekly meetings.
comment Who should log bugs?
Another reason for having a separate customer bug list is that the customer-created issue should not be closed until the customer verifies it. (An "internal" bug is closed when the team verifies it.) In addition, keeping a separate list allows the original issue description to be maintained and a separate "team" interpretation be created for implementation. Of course, (as with most testing issues) context within each team is everything!
comment Copying Production Data to a QA Environment
From a philosophical standpoint, I agree completely. Testing, questioning, and checking should be performed as early in the process as possible. However, I have been often surprised at the ability of users to create ingenious data scenarios. Having that environment available at the customer site as a final pre-deployment check has uncovered some issues that we were able to resolve prior to "going live".