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I am a veteran tester (over 20 years of experience) in all things from desktop applications, databases, web applications and games. I love breaking code; but not as much as I love fixing it. I have a preference for all things .NET, but am an avid reader and learner of material with an IT/Development/Testing bend. My latest project is maintaining automation for the product page at REI.com. This is being accomplished with Java/Selenium/Web Driver.

I am also obsessed with Stackoverflow and the StackExchange networks.

IDesign : ICode

comment Any good open source functional testing tool for java based Web Application
Have you researched HTMLUnit at all?
comment I should follow ISO 12207 but how should I verify integration/code without testing?
Do you have full access to the source code for the project? Can you test the code using a 'whitebox' approach? Can you compile the code and step through it line-by-line?