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comment Systematic approach to test case generation
This kind of question ("describe your favorite somethings") is imho not a good fit. Maybe it should be split or changed to be less open.
comment Should I unit test for null values even if it can never happen?
You asked about unit testing in the title, and asked about coding practices in the question body. Actually these are two questions. This should be reflected in the title and be clear from your question body. Or did you actually mean to ask only one question - and if yes, which one?
comment Fail over testing Terminology
If you suggest a definition, it would be nice if you also mention the origin of this definition. This definition for failover testing is from ISTQB.
comment What is the purpose of expected results for individual test case steps?
@Jeff_Lucas: your example is not correct: "repeating a test case involving adding a new user should have a different expected result if the same user ia added twice.". In this case you have two distinct test cases, not one.
comment Can any one who tests game can test software?
A game is a piece of software. A "game tester" therefore tests software. A professional "game tester" should of course be able to test other software than games. So why do you ask?
comment Is it functional or invalid input test?
The distinction between "functional test" and "invalid input test" seems a bit odd in this case. Both cases seem to be functional test cases.
comment Multi-threaded load testing of webservice using Load UI
Just a comment on LoadUI. I once wanted to use it for some "serious" load testing in a project. I never used LoadUI before. After a few weeks of practicing and learning I came to the conclusion that it was not ready for serious work. The API was not documented well, it was buggy, the support tried to help but couldn't really. It was LoadUI version 1.5.x, I don't know if it is any better now. I moved to JMeter, which was also difficult to start with, but with JMeter I could fulfill all of my requirements. It was a big difference. Maybe you want to have a look at JMeter, too.
comment Good strategy for automated regression where initial state can't be guaranteed or predicted
@Joe Strazzere I am astonished to get a downvote for this answer. I could conclude that it is very likely that you did it. If yes, why did you do this?
comment Dynamic whitebox testing and coverage metrics for Java systems?
We frequently communicate with the providers and also get interim deliveries. My question maybe was ambiguous about this point. Your points are very true, thanks.