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comment Selenium C# 4.0 release says you can hide the command prompt - how do you actually do it?
@Aligned It's an option because enough people who use the .NET bindings asked for it, even though the maintainer of the .NET bindings believes it to be a mistake to hide the window. If, for some reason, your WebDriver code fails, and incorrectly doesn't call the .Quit method, with the command prompt window showing, it's blatantly obvious there's an extra process running. With the command prompt window hidden, it's not obvious.
comment How to start a Selenium2 WebDriver window in background?
And it won't ever be implemented. It's a legacy left over from when you could start Internet Explorer and not allow it to become visible. Microsoft has made that scenario impossible with the advent of Protected Mode in Windows Vista/IE7. Incidentally, if you'd like to contribute documentation to the project, we happily accept patches.
comment How do you wait for jQuery Ajax calls to complete in Selenium 2
The WebDriverWait class is pretty bare-bones. That said, it would be interesting to know (in another, more appropriate forum) what you're finding about it that's "unstable".
comment Where can I find information on getting started with Selenium 2
Please note that those docs are in the process of being revised for the upcoming Selenium 2 release. There are other resources available for information about Selenium WebDriver. Another answer already indicated the Google group for WebDriver. Another resource is the #selenium IRC channel on Freenode where many of the core developers frequent.
comment Attach to browser not spawned by Selenium2
This is exactly right. There is no API for attaching to a running browser instance at present. It's a common feature request, though, and yes it's on the roadmap. It would be easiest to implement for IE, given the architecture of that particular driver. Remember that the "handle" you get from getWindowHandles() isn't a Windows HWND; rather it's an opaque string Selenium WebDriver uses to identify the window.