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I help teams build software with higher quality and greater efficiency. Often (but not always) this means I'm working with the test team. I'm also increasingly working with management to help develop visions of what's possible for their teams. I've worked at a lot of places with a lot of tools. Currently, I'm working for Magenic, a development and testing consultancy headquartered in Minneapolis. I'd love to come help you and your team - email me at andyt@magenic.com for more info!

comment Recommend a Good QA Book
Not sure if you count it as a "How To..." book, but Whittaker does have "Exploratory Software Testing" out which might not be one you've read. I think it might be a year or two old, and I just picked up a copy this weekend, so haven't read it and can't recommend it or not recommend it yet, but thought it worth mentioning.