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comment How to Implement Page Object and Page Factory Pattern in Selenium Webdriver?
I'm confused by this answer. I'm not sure if you're saying "This is how you can do it:" or if you're asking "Is it possible to do it this way?" If it's the latter, you'll want to ask a new question, preferably with a bit more background and context so the question can be answered most effectively.
comment What does Sparkiy do?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is unrelated to software quality assurance.
comment What does Sparkiy do?
I moved your other post to meta, which is where such a question should be asked. I'm still trying to find the appropriate site for this, if there even is one. It's possible it's too localized.
comment selenium, bugzilla defect tracking tool
Hi Mahesh, I put this on hold because it is simply too unrefined for our format. Firefox has a LOT of different versions, many of which are compatible with Selenium, which itself has multiple versions. And I'm not even sure how Bugzilla fits into this. :-O So let's try to identify what your real issue is and maybe we can find a real solution that helps you and future visitors. :-)
comment How to click on Canvas element?
Expanding on the link will also help people searching for it find this post, as it's unlikely to get noticed as just a link. Kind of blends in.
comment Is there a specific screen resolution that should be used when Mapping objects?
I can't help but feel that multiple resolutions is part of why we automate tests, so we can run the same series of tests on multiple resolutions to make sure our system is still usable. So my gut instinct tells me no, there isn't.
comment Standard to take source of software
Ali, are you a QA agent of some kind? Or is this general programming. There's a lot of programmers here, but questions about dealing with programmers without a QA slant are going to be best suited to another Stack Exchange site.
comment Apigen Netbeans
A couple things to address here: First, is this QA related? Or just general apigen related? If it's general apigen we'll want to move it to a more appropriate site. If it's QA related, could you describe that relationship? Second, you'll need to be more specific about what you did, what the result was. I suspect this belongs on another site, but none of the other sites would be willing to take it in its current form.
comment Function to write 2 D Array from java into Excel
Val, I'm curious if this is a SQA question or more of a general programming question. Could you comment on how it relates to QA specifically? Otherwise, I'll be more than happy to send it to StackOverflow if that's more appropriate.
comment Should I take interview of manual tester who has more experience than me
Just some food for thought: if no one ever hired people with more experience than them, how would the people with the most experience ever get a job?
comment Resources on implementing a well-balanced test pyramid
"While the idea is sound and logical, I found implementing hard" - pretty much describes my entire development career.
comment Should Black-box software testers do Root-Cause analysis of every defect they report?
I'm having a real hard time with this answer. Firstly, I don't see why this doesn't apply to "established" companies (perhaps more so since startups tend to be lacking in the QA department.) Secondly, I'm not sure "ask your manager" is a good answer - for all we know the OP is the Quality Manager and is looking for guidance to help set the PPPs for the firm. Perhaps you could better align your answer to the question at hand: if you were said QM how would you approach this problem?
comment Load-Testing an SMS application
If you can only gather say 100 numbers, and you need to test it for 10000 texts, what about uh... just doing the 100 numbers 100 times in a row?
comment Online test platform for sockets
I suppose you could put it external, but you'd have to be aware that anyone could reach it then. But that's exactly what you want, I think.
comment What should QA ask developers they are interviewing?
Well, what do you want out of your developers? I would start there.
comment How can i extract data out of software?
Manipal, can you describe what you're not understanding as it relates to SQA? I see a general programming question and while there are a lot of programmers here, and we use programming in our QA, our questions are intended to be focused on QA and not on general programming.
comment A test case needs 5 mins of wait. During these 5 mins I want to run other test cases
@Ojha, I think you're asking the wrong question here. Instead of saying "is it possible" I would suggest gearing your question toward "how do I do it". Conceptually what you're looking to do seems possible, and truly an answer that really answered that would justify the answer somehow (probably by giving an example of how to do it). But it might not, and you wouldn't want to have an answer that satisfies your stated question but not your real question, would you? =)
comment How to revert a virtual machine back to original state
Is this so that you can guarantee that your testing environment is always pristine?
comment Tools For Regression Testing
I have to agree with Sammy, this doesn't really have a specific problem to solve. It's just a dump of various tools.
comment Need automation tool for web-based Flex application with XML
So to be clear you're looking for a list of tools you can use to test Flex? Or you want to get Selenium or Sahi to work to test Flex? Either way, you might need to provide more input to get a truly good answer.