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As much as I love to code, my passion is in testing. I truly enjoy when I get to marry the 2.

I'm currently in my ideal setting where 130% of my time is allocated. I get to deploy 2-3 times per week and still work on building new and exciting applications.

I started out testing in the electronic manufacturing field. After a long long break, I ended up moving to a UAT coordinator role at the company that I was with and my passion for testing was ignited. I haven't looked back at other non-testing roles since.

comment redirect containing + is not being encoded properly by visual studio
nope, there's no login here. The name is pulled in the backend via a call to another service.
comment Testing on restricted users
Are you looking to test an application on the Windows 7 machine, or are you looking to use this to generate your load?
comment fiddler and 2 way pinned certificates
The fiddler solution does certainly work. Thanks!
comment fiddler and 2 way pinned certificates
Unfortunately, it seems as though I'm not going to be able to test this until next week now, but, the fiddler solution appears as though it should work. Going to try to find another scenario like this to try it out before.
comment Problem in running webqa automated tests (Mozilla)
I'm really not familiar with Python, so, I could be off base here, but, it looks as though you've set credentials without ever defining it. Do you need to create a credentials object in TestSetup?
comment Webdriver: Selecting element by position in drop-down menu
Although this works, the OP seemed to be specifically asking about Selenium and WebDriver.
comment What is the meaning of J in Apache Jmeter performance testing tool?
If not here, could be a good topic for meta.
comment Is there any framework for UI automation testing for Unity3D?
Is there anything that you've already tried. A quick search returns a number of results from unity3d.com.
comment Why do you think compliance test is important?
Hi user3115137, I concur with dzieciou. Can you elaborate? Do you mean compliance tests, or testing for compliance (can be very different). Also beyond, do you mean compliance to set standards such as PCI or documented SOX or ISO standards?
comment Does Microsoft Test Manager have image recognition? (Like HP UFT/QTP's Insight?)
I'm not completely certain that I agree with the downvote. Phillip, could you maybe try to clarify a little bit more as to what you want for people who may not be familiar with UFT Insight? Are you looking for a way to compare images?
comment What are the differences between simulation time and real time?
Of course there can be consequences due to this, or any other manipulation. It's also not necessarily non-decreasing, it's what you determine that you need at that time. Using a simulated time, increasing, or decreasing it brings with it it's won risks, which you need to evaluate, plan mitigation for, and accept or not.
comment What are the usability test cases for given scenario?
This question is covered under what not to ask in the FAQ.
comment How to automate Windows remote desktop login poup in server using Web Driver
Hi Bala and welcome to sqa. Is the remote desktop session inside the browser? Is there anything extra there? You may need to think outside of just selenium.
comment Does Microsoft provide any automation tool to test REST APIs?
Do you care if you need to write code? Do you want it to do it all for you after you press a button? Do you just want something to make your testing a little faster?
comment SeleniumIDE Issue - js alert() is not detected by IDE
Hi user1579906. A comment was left in the other question where you asked this explaining that this would happen with Selenium IDE and Javascript Alerts. Is this different?
comment Data driven testing on Selenium IDE
This largely depends on the language that you're using. You will need to write code to retrieve and pass on that data.
comment “session has expired” error - after clicking a button with webdriver in IE8
Have you tried seeing what's different yet? Are the http requests significantly different between when selenium navigates through the pages as opposed to when you do? Have you checked for any security settings in IE that may be causing issues?
comment How can my team move away from record-and-playback when not everyone has scripting experience?
+1 for the last paragraph. Forcing all testers to start automating is a great way to kill the spirit of some amazing testers.
comment UI test automation tools for Windows Phone 8 metro apps?
Took a look at the site out of curiosity. They unfortunately only have 3 Windows Phone devices, all C900's, which won't run Windows Phone 8. I can see this service being possibly useful for other OS's however.
comment Should tester fix bugs?
In theory, there would be more than one tester on these teams. I'll maybe see about editing my answer later today, but, there does need to be some sort of process in place for these circumstances.