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Denis 'Alpheus' Cahuk

The usual PHP/Java/Obj-C OO guru. Also, please stop using IE6-8. Might as well ditch IE9. Why can't you override a method defined in an implemented interface in Action Script 3?

PHP5-6 nice and all, but when will they ditch the facade and start coding in Java? Isn't that what it's turning into?

XCode is in no way a good IDE, whoever is telling you that is on an IV-drip from Apple.

I fancy parsing HTML with Regex on cold winter nights. Mmmmm...

The cake is a lie. No, really.

That Regex thing is a lie, never happened. I don't know who your source is but he's selling you bogus info. Maybe if we took the Regex parser and completely rewrote it with XSLT... NO!

There is a certain kind of satisfaction from creating Ant-Colony optimized applications. Not because it's fun to code or that the results are astronomic. It's all about giving each ant a name. Oh hello there, Sally.

Sitting in a class room for months. Listening to all the endless-looped speeches from a 55+ year old "IT Expert". Yeah well, you have to finish those Taltos books somewhere. But spending a weekend finding that one segfault? Priceless.

Wordpress huh? I don't know, why would anyone want to develop on a "platform" which smells of such humongous vendor lock-in and cross-mixed presentation and business logic (what business logic?) all over the place in templates and hook (Oh god - the hooks!).

Drupal is taking all of that and putting it into a couple of classes. They're just there to provide containment for all the global functions. Don't to be writing bad code now, are we - </sarcasm>!

Now I could go on, so I will.

Remember PHPNuke? No, you're right - better not go into this any further.

Be honest, are you reading this at work? Is it some dull project you're working on? How about taking the chance to go write those unit tests you always wanted to but you "never managed to take the time" or the supervisor wouldn't let you. Or you could read on, hey - I'm not the one to judge.

I must hand it to you, reading this many random rants from a person you think you know from his Stack Overflow account takes some stamina. Especially with that deadline coming up, eh?

Well, have to break it here, About Me is about to overflow its stack and we certainly don't want that happe- BRACE FOR IMPACT, SEGFAULT INCOMING!

This text has 42 sentences.

I know what you were thinking, I know that you went to count them all - but it does now.

Behind you.