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I work in the Quality Dept in my company. I really like working in this department.

I am really passionate about computer games. I have been a hardcore gamer my entire life and loved it.

I started playing games with my 386 (like accolade, barbarian, lame pacman, prince of persia, Wolfenstein(at my friends place on his 486 ;) )).

Pentium 1: text games, monkey island, evil days of luckless john, red baron, evil genius ;) etc. you name it. I've played it. not to mention the common games.

nintendo (8 bits): a pretty huge no. of games - can't list em.

sega (16 bits): again a pretty huge no.

pc/lappy: My current favs include series - Assassins Creed, Prince Persia, Monkey Island , Sam and Max, Call of Duty, Splinter cell, Star wars (action ones) - all series...

Its going to be a very very huuuuge list.

comment Should I try the evaluation version of HP Quality Center?
@testerab Same here.
comment Capturing screen shots in selenium tests
@Hannibal @testerab I was surprised to see so many answers to this question but then realized that I had probably misunderstood the question. Looking at the answers I realize he is not asking about how you write the code but how you use it in the code (on which occasions do you take the screenshot). I don't think this question can be answered objectively.
comment What are the pros and cons of a testing team having a lead vs having a manager?
It is very nice to know what the true goal is for lead and manager. With my 4 years of experience I always thought that their job was to get reports, drive fear and fire people.