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JMeter: how to trigger all multiple requests at same time

I have defined a few samplers in JMeter. I want to trigger all those samplers at same time. Example: Say, I have 5 users and 5 samplers. I want each sampler is triggered at same time by each of user. ...

jmeter performance-testing  
user avatar asked by Debasish Pradhan Score of 4
user avatar answered by kyashwanth Score of 8

Webdriver: How to find the element using text() in xpath?

I'm new to selenium and HTML. I want to perform click operation for the elements "Users" and "Admins" as one after another. Below mentioned is the HTML code, unfortunately I can't modify it. <ul ...

selenium-webdriver xpath  
user avatar asked by jass Score of 11
user avatar answered by MKay Score of 2

Should I learn Python or Java to get into test automation? I am new to programming

Should I learn Python or Java to get into test automation? I'm new to programming. Please share your thoughts or links to any useful information.

automated-testing java python  
user avatar asked by pythonjava Score of 7
user avatar answered by Niels van Reijmersdal Score of 4

How to check a button is disabled using Cypress

<button _ngcontent-c21="" color="primary" mat-button="" class="mat-button mat-primary" ng-reflect-disabled="true" ng-reflect-color="primary" disabled=""><span class="mat-button-wrapper"> ...

automated-testing cypress  
user avatar asked by Adam A Score of 33
user avatar answered by Adam A Score of 44

How FluentWait is different from WebDriverWait?

How is the FluentWait is different from WebDriverWait? I am using WebDriverWait having the polling interval set to : 500 miliseconds. Still, WebDriverWait returns after some delay (i.e. 2 - 3 seconds ...

selenium webdriver java  
user avatar asked by Dinesh Score of 17
user avatar answered by LittlePanda Score of 20

WebDriver Clicking button issue in IE 11

Have a suite of web-drivers tests that run in chrome and IE 10, but will not run in IE 11. The tests fail in IE-11 when clicking a button as the following action (a form popup) does not occur. I ...

automated-testing selenium-webdriver ie11  
user avatar asked by Jon Duffy Score of 10
user avatar answered by Kunal Priyadarshi Score of 10

Unable to locate element throwing a org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException in TestNG

Am unable to click on element after executing a First test second test showing a org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException . My code Here: public class snapooh { WebDriver driver; @BeforeTest ...

selenium-webdriver selenium2 testng  
user avatar asked by Jagannatha Mv Score of 4
user avatar answered by Yursev Score of 3

Can you answer this question?

Loadrunner Vugen: How to save the Replay Summary Results that is displayed in Vugen as a csv/excel/tabular report?

I have created a script in Loadrunner TruClient protocol and would like to run the script in Vugen and view the results now and then. This is to measure any changes in UI rendering time for every new ...

load-testing performance-testing loadrunner protocols  
user avatar asked by kkarthik72 Score of 1
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