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Top new questions this week:

How to write this test case?

I have never worked as a QA but have some interest in the field and I received a task for an entry position which requires me to write a test case to fulfil this requirement (it's a messaging service):...

asked by Tisho 7 votes
answered by PDHide 6 votes

What would be the most maintainable way of defining your tests to separate them between environments (dev, test staging) using pytest?

Currently you have a large test-suite in the scale of hundreds of test cases which is getting bigger every day The requirement from the rest of the team members is simple: Let us execute tests on Dev, ...

automated-testing test-management pytest  
asked by George Pligoropoulos 6 votes
answered by Michael Durrant 8 votes

How to find volunteering works in Testing?

How to find volunteering works in Testing? I am looking for volunteering works in either Manual or Automation Testing. I am a Salesforce Certified Administrator, ISTQB certified Tester. Could anyone ...

asked by tejkrishna 3 votes
answered by pavelsaman 1 vote

how to send the DB fetched values to frontend using selenium?

I wrote a program where values are coming from sql database.Now i want to send those values to frontend using selenium. say it is an pincode i fetched from Database but now if locate the element where ...

automated-testing selenium-webdriver java sql  
asked by Ravneet Kaur 1 vote
answered by PDHide 1 vote

How to simulate future date time on a local environment

I'm having a scenario to test where, I have to simulate 3 months ahead from the currant date. (Because after 3 months some items on my test web system should disappea.) I tried changing system ...

asked by ChathuD 1 vote
answered by Kate Paulk 1 vote

Should cross-browser and cross-platform be performed for testing network calls from a website?

My team is implementing Adobe Analytics on a web site. We have three layers where it should be tested. Adobe Data Layer. The required variables and their values are added to an object handled by a ...

javascript web-application coverage cross-browser-testing web  
asked by Seeker001 1 vote
answered by PDHide 1 vote

How to avoid repeated requests in Cypress tests

Since aliases are cleared after each test (it) when using Cypress, it seems subsequent tests needs to execute the same request again and again, while I would prefer to get it only once. This can be ...

asked by Bouke 1 vote
answered by pavelsaman 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to export the test cases with design steps from test plan in QC (HP ALM Quality Center 11.52)

When I downloaded the test case from the test plan in QC then all the test cases field are downloaded except the test case design steps. Can you please give me some solution of this problem?

asked by user8160 1 vote
answered by Paras 3 votes

Should a tester feel bad about finding too many defects/bugs in the product?

I work as a junior black box tester in a small software house. I work in a medical industry web application. I was assigned a module to test. I did a lot of research and risk analysis and logged at ...

test-management bug-report defect-tracking programmer-relations good-practices  
asked by sunny44 98 votes
answered by RomSteady 176 votes

Unable to locate element throwing a org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException in TestNG

Am unable to click on element after executing a First test second test showing a org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException . My code Here: public class snapooh { WebDriver driver; @BeforeTest ...

selenium-webdriver selenium2 testng  
asked by Jagannatha Mv 4 votes
answered by Rutvi Soni 4 votes

How to fill CAPTCHA using Test automation?

How can I automate "Enter CAPTCHA" using Selenium WebDriver?

automated-testing selenium selenium-webdriver  
asked by Tom J Muthirenthi 29 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 59 votes

Should Testers first discuss a bug with the developers before writing a bug report?

In my previous project, whenever the QA team used to find bugs/defects, they used to communicate the problem/issue to the developer sitting next to them, verbally. In this approach, most of the time, ...

manual-testing bug-report team-management defect-tracking  
asked by buggy778 35 votes

How to minimize the browser window which was launched via Selenium Webdriver?

How can I minimize the browser window which has been launched via Selenium Webdriver? I see that there is a method to maximize (documentation), but I cannot find the converse for minimize. I have ...

selenium selenium2 selenium-webdriver interview  
asked by kanayikkaran 11 votes
answered by Dhiman 5 votes

How to export test cases from test plan in QC

We use QC for test management tool in our project. Usually, we write test cases & test steps in spreadsheets and load into QC using 'Export to QC' excel add-in. We have a set of test cases already ...

test-management quality-center  
asked by Prashanth 5 votes
answered by Mellissa 4 votes
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