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Top new questions this week:

How do I execute/test a large set of test cases with limited time and resources?

We have a large set of test cases but limited time and resources to execute/test them all. We thought but it's not possible to execute/test everything. I want to know strategies which will be ...

manual-testing test-management test-planning test-strategy test-techniques  
asked by JAINAM 5 votes
answered by Malay Parikh 6 votes

Writing test cases for a test with repetitive test steps

I have a task where I need to test payment through different payment methods (31 methods). What is the best practice in writing test cases with repetitive test steps? Should I just use "Repeat steps ...

manual-testing test-design testcase test-creation  
asked by Venmar 5 votes
answered by João Farias 4 votes

Is there any automation tools which gives any feature to first check (as a pre-request) for internet connection up or down before script execution?

It was accidental but its required feature for most of the modern automation tools. Yesterday I made one automation script job on a remote machine and it will be supposed to run on schedule time at 6 ...

automated-testing selenium-webdriver test-automation-framework test-tools artificial-intelligence  
asked by Malay Parikh 3 votes
answered by Michael Durrant 2 votes

Running Selenium not under a Testing Framework

I've been using Selenium for a while but with a slightly different scope (actually constraints). Instead of running a test for a particular site, I'm interested for instance in filling in a web form ...

selenium-webdriver c# selenium-webdriver-c#  
asked by Sebastian Inones 2 votes
answered by JoMateix 0 votes

In Gmail Web,unable to access "Create Account" menu Options, I can't capture the menu item "Para mim" throws exception

I've tried everything !!. I need to inspect the "for me" from button "Criar Item. public void que_eu_esteja_na_pagina_principal_do_gmail() throws Throwable { ...

asked by Rebeka Montana 2 votes
answered by Mohamed Sulaimaan Sheriff 1 vote

Report non-unique ids?

Since a webpage should only have unique id attributes, does that mean you should report that as a bug on an otherwise functional page? For one, it surely makes automation more difficult, but for some ...

automated-testing web-application bug-report  
asked by Mate Mrše 1 vote
answered by PDHide 3 votes

How could I improve my page objects for this iterator assertion?

I am writing a e2e test for my front end web app with and node/javascript. Specifically, I want to improve my page objects. I have a dropdown that has two items(two rows of items) in a ...

selenium-webdriver javascript page-objects  
asked by dman 1 vote
answered by PDHide 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is component testing and how to write component test cases?

I am new to testing. I would like to know: What is component testing? How do I write component test cases? Please explain with examples if possible to make it more helpful for me to understand.

manual-testing terminology  
asked by manali 12 votes
answered by Helping Hands 8 votes

How to get entered text from textbox when value is empty in selenium using java?

Just I am trying to get entered text from the text field when value is empty. Below is my HTML: <input type="text" style="width: 203px" value="" maxlength="32" name="firstName"/> I tried ...

automated-testing selenium selenium2 selenium-webdriver  
asked by Selenium 5 votes
answered by abhijeet kanade 3 votes

What is a good website to hack around using Selenium?

I want to learn Selenium, but I don't know what to code. Sure, I can throw Google some queries, I can fill out some forms, press buttons, find divs and links, etc. But I think this stuff is pretty ...

automated-testing webdriver selenium2 learning  
asked by Maria Ines Parnisari 23 votes
answered by Dmytro Zharii 22 votes

How to download a file using Selenium's WebDriver?

Basically I want to at least check that a download-able file exists / download link works and preferably get stuff like the file size too. Here's an example: link = ...

automated-testing webdriver selenium-webdriver selenium2 files  
asked by Aaron Shaver 64 votes
answered by Melena 20 votes

Chrome driver 2.28: "Chrome is being controlled by automated test software" notification. Can it be removed?

I have just updated my project with the latest chrome driver (2.28). When I run the browser through the driver, a yellow notification pops under the URL bar, saying "Chrome is being controlled by ...

automated-testing selenium selenium-webdriver chromedriver  
asked by nir 23 votes
answered by user3927203 17 votes

Should I learn Python or Java to get into test automation? I am new to programming

Should I learn Python or Java to get into test automation? I'm new to programming. Please share your thoughts or links to any useful information.

automated-testing java python  
asked by pythonjava 6 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 5 votes

What is the difference between "testing" and "quality assurance"?

Is there a difference between "testing" and "quality assurance"? If so, what are the main goals of each process? What are the critical differences?

asked by KatieK 64 votes
answered by CBA 47 votes

Can you answer this question?

GUI tool for API testing with possibility to choose HTTP protocol version

I'm looking for a GUI tool for API testing that allows for changing a HTTP protocol version. There're many tools for API testing, but all I've found don't offer a choice of selecting what HTTP ...

tools api-testing api http test-tools  
asked by pavelsaman 1 vote
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