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Top new questions this week:

How is accessibility testing perceived in the testing process?

I am studying ways to add accessibility testing in the automated testing process of the company that I am currently working. I've read some articles, watched some talks about accessibility in digital ...

automated-testing accessibility  
asked by Bruno Medeiros 3 votes
answered by Lee Jensen 4 votes

Unable to get Response Header Cookie and set it to another Request Body in Jmeter script

Not able to pass Response Header (Set-Cookie value) to another request Body in order to place a reservation. To place a reservation i need to get HoldReservation cookie from Reservedate API but when ...

jmeter regex  
asked by Swetha C 1 vote
answered by Dmitri T 1 vote

Asynchronous content is not found after button click in Selenium Grid

I have created a script in Selenium IDE that goes to this page: and presses the 'Example' button and then asserts that results are displayed for the ...

selenium-webdriver java selenium-ide selenium-grid  
asked by Samantha Zoe 1 vote
answered by kirbycope 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why this "WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();" Not this "ChromeDriver driver= new ChromeDriver();"

Why we always do: WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); Not this: ChromeDriver driver= new ChromeDriver(); Any special reason, except object size ?

automated-testing selenium-webdriver interview selenium3  
asked by VilasKolhe 3 votes
answered by Bill Hileman 6 votes

How to write a test plan

I am new to "Test Plan Writing" and I want to learn how to write test plan. As a beginner, what do I need to understand and learn first to write quality/effective test plan? What would you suggest?

test-management manual-testing test-planning  
asked by QA4it 32 votes
answered by IAmMilinPatel 25 votes

How to change status of all test cases in QC test lab

In QC, How to change status of all test cases(including all steps) together. I need to make a large set of test cases "pass" in one go, hope there would be some query which can do this.

test-management quality-center  
asked by Rakesh Prabhakaran 7 votes
answered by Mugen 6 votes

Exactly how are BDD, TDD, ATDD, Kanban and Scrum different from a waterfall approach?

I don't understand the differences between the following terms: BDD - Behavior-driven development TDD - Test-driven development ATDD - Acceptance test-driven development Kanban Scrum How do these ...

agile-testing terminology agile  
asked by Ecka 34 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 55 votes

How to verify a success message using selenium webdriver?

I am unable to verify this sucess message. I am trying to use the following code: 1. String expectedText ="Dear admin, the Institution is deleted successfully!"; Assert.assertEquals("...

selenium-webdriver assert  
asked by Imtiaz Ahmed Biplob 4 votes
answered by Jose 2 votes

How to export the test cases with design steps from test plan in QC (HP ALM Quality Center 11.52)

When I downloaded the test case from the test plan in QC then all the test cases field are downloaded except the test case design steps. Can you please give me some solution of this problem?

asked by user8160 1 vote
answered by Paras 3 votes

Webdriver: How to find the element using text() in xpath?

I'm new to selenium and HTML. I want to perform click operation for the elements "Users" and "Admins" as one after another. Below mentioned is the HTML code, unfortunately I can't modify it. <ul ...

selenium-webdriver xpath  
asked by jass 10 votes
answered by MKay 2 votes

Can you answer this question?

In Azure Test Plans, is there a way to view all test documents in one place?

My team uses manual execution with Azure Test Plans test cases. When the manual test execution is complete in the "Execute" tab, they attach the test evidence (screen shots, etc.) in the &...

asked by richpit 1 vote
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