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Top new questions this week:

Should bugs be story-point estimated?

Devs in my team state that estimating points for a bug that needs investigation is not beneficial as it is too difficult to assess the difficulty of fixing a bug before actually laying hands on it. ...

agile team-management scrum bug-priority  
asked by Guillermo Gonzalez 3 votes
answered by Mornon 1 vote

How to verify particular values in JSON response - Postman

The response body looks like this. [ { "id": 1, "wardName": "Unit1" }, { "id": 2, "wardName": "Unit2&...

postman json  
asked by kasuni gunasekera 2 votes
answered by João Farias 2 votes

What is intermittent issue in Testing?

What is Intermittent issue in Testing? How do we find it?

manual-testing agile-testing functional requirements-validation defect  
asked by jeremy99 1 vote
answered by Lee Jensen 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is asking about "The most interesting bug in your career" a good interview question?

We've been interviewing for quite some time and I've been asking candidates: What is the most interesting bug you've found in your career? Either the most interesting, or the one they are proud of ...

interview bug-report career-development bug-priority bug-severity  
asked by alecxe 89 votes
answered by Eric Lippert 124 votes

Webdriver: How to find the element using text() in xpath?

I'm new to selenium and HTML. I want to perform click operation for the elements "Users" and "Admins" as one after another. Below mentioned is the HTML code, unfortunately I can't modify it. <ul ...

selenium-webdriver xpath  
asked by jass 10 votes
answered by MKay 2 votes

What are the key properties of a great QA team member?

Provided you are ready to hire your first (or next) QA team member, what are the key properties of a person you will pay attention to?

qa-role team culture people  
asked by Ilya Ryzhenkov 52 votes
answered by Dan Snell 45 votes

What do I need to start from zero in automated testing?

I am new to testing. I need to learn because I have an opportunity to work in this field in the the future. I would like to know what I need to get started. Preferably, I would like to study automated ...

automated-testing training self-education  
asked by user5931 9 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 8 votes

What are some good open source UI Testing tools for testing Windows GUI?

I need a list of some good tools which are open source and meant for automating the UI testing of Windows GUI. Any help will certainly be appreciated.

automated-testing gui windows  
asked by AnkitSablok 21 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 12 votes

How to run JMeter test plan for specified amount of time?

How to run an JMeter test plan that it should be completed in specified time or it should be terminated within that stipulated time? Please throw me light on this question.

asked by Emmanuel Angelo.R 12 votes

How to check a button is disabled using Cypress

<button _ngcontent-c21="" color="primary" mat-button="" class="mat-button mat-primary" ng-reflect-disabled="true" ng-reflect-color="primary" disabled=""><span class="mat-button-wrapper"> ...

automated-testing cypress  
asked by Adam A 16 votes
answered by Adam A 26 votes
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