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Top new questions this week:

How to save log file separately for every transaction in JMeter?

I wrote one selenium automation javascript in JMeter using a webdriver sampler. In that, I try to find the total time taken for traversing from first page to last page of the website. To print time or ...

asked by James P. Score of 1
answered by Dmitri T Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should a tester feel bad about finding too many defects/bugs in the product?

I work as a junior black box tester in a small software house. I work in a medical industry web application. I was assigned a module to test. I did a lot of research and risk analysis and logged at ...

test-management bug-report defect-tracking programmer-relations good-practices  
asked by sunny44 Score of 101
answered by RomSteady Score of 177

How to avoid triggering google captcha while browsing in a selenium-driven browser?

Preface: my goal is not to solve captcha using automation tools, but to attempt to understand why a browser that is being launched by selenium is being identified as a bot in the first place, and how ...

asked by MxLDevs Score of 44
answered by Brian McCarthy Score of 28

How to verify a success message using selenium webdriver?

I am unable to verify this sucess message. I am trying to use the following code: 1. String expectedText ="Dear admin, the Institution is deleted successfully!"; Assert.assertEquals("...

selenium-webdriver assert  
asked by Imtiaz Ahmed Biplob Score of 4
answered by Jose Score of 2

Positive and negative test cases for login page

One of the interviewer asked the below question: Tell me the best positive and negative test cases for Login page. Can anyone provide me with the best answer?

manual-testing testcase interview  
asked by Kamlesh Score of 6
answered by Ethel Evans Score of 10

Is asking about "The most interesting bug in your career" a good interview question?

We've been interviewing for quite some time and I've been asking candidates: What is the most interesting bug you've found in your career? Either the most interesting, or the one they are proud of ...

interview bug-report career-development bug-priority bug-severity  
asked by alecxe Score of 92
answered by Eric Lippert Score of 126

JMeter: how to trigger all multiple requests at same time

I have defined a few samplers in JMeter. I want to trigger all those samplers at same time. Example: Say, I have 5 users and 5 samplers. I want each sampler is triggered at same time by each of user. ...

jmeter performance-testing  
asked by Debasish Pradhan Score of 4
answered by kyashwanth Score of 8

How to handle client if you found a high severity defect on the release date?

Suppose the product/application has to deliver to the client at 5.00 P.M, at that time you or your team member caught a high Severity defect at 3.00 P.M (Remember the defect is high severity), but the ...

manual-testing test-management interview qa-role defect-tracking  
asked by Bharat Mane Score of 7
answered by Dave M Score of 17
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