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Top new questions this week:

What is it called when several bugs cancel each other out?

Is there any name for a situation where two bugs cancel each other out and in the result, the software works as expected? For example, suppose software A calculates a value and mistakenly value X is ...

asked by CoyBit 35 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 42 votes

How draw a straight line in canvas using protractor

Context: I want to test a signature canvas field So i want to draw a signature and then validate that signature is displayed on the canvas. Right now i cannot even draw a proper line , so wanted to ...

automated-testing selenium-webdriver protractor  
asked by Dav234 3 votes
answered by PDHide 1 vote

How to log *everything* in Selenium/WebDriver/ChromeDriver

I am struggling with this stale-element-exception. Now I had the idea that I could perhaps maximize the logging in order to get a closer look on what's actually happening. I am instantiating the ...

selenium-webdriver chromedriver selenium-webdriver-c#  
asked by MBaas 2 votes
answered by Daniel 0 votes

First HTTP request is taking more time than usual

First Business transaction: First HTTP request - performing edit functionality on the Add User Page (Login --> Homepage --> Adduser) is taking more time than usual. (Delay in launching URL) Second ...

jmeter jmeter-plugins jmeter-maven-plugin  
asked by pandithatchina Dhanasekar 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote

What strategies and test cases should I use to test in Agile development?

How do you build test cases vs user stories/features vs requirements? What is your test strategy in agile development model? What is automation test strategy in agile development model?

automated-testing test-design agile strategy  
asked by Siya 1 vote
answered by Michael Durrant 2 votes

What testing should be carried out in which environment?

The solution in question is a financial transaction based platform made up of a number of Microservices. The question relates to the testing performed at each stage of the release pipeline. We ...

automated-testing manual-testing microservices  
asked by veryqaguy 1 vote
answered by Michael Durrant 2 votes

How to verify a triangle-triangle intersection algorithm

I have programmed a triangle-triangle intersection algorithm, which have I have successfully tested for all distinctly different situations I could think of. I did this by manually inspecting all ...

automated-testing test-data  
asked by K0ICHI 1 vote
answered by pavelsaman 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Selenium: reuse existing browser session, instead of opening new windows?

This has been asked a million times on the web, but there's no clear cut answer. I tried "-browserSessionReuse" today without any luck; my tests keep spawning new browser windows. ...

automated-testing selenium selenium2 browser-automation  
asked by Aaron Shaver 24 votes
answered by Sam Woods 16 votes

What is a good KPI for software QA?

How can you measure the efficiency of the QA team? What KPIs would you set up?

manual-testing qa-role metrics  
asked by viam0Zah 14 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 33 votes

What is meant by the term "Pesticide Paradox" in testing point of view?

All, During an interview with an major MNC , I was asked this curious question of " What is meant by pesticide paradox ? " I have been working as Test Engineer for almost 4 Years but I have never ...

asked by karthik 6 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 10 votes

How to write a test plan

I am new to "Test Plan Writing" and I want to learn how to write test plan. As a beginner, what do I need to understand and learn first to write quality/effective test plan? What would you suggest?

test-management manual-testing test-planning  
asked by QA4it 32 votes
answered by IAmMilinPatel 25 votes

WebDriver: find elements by text

I know that WebDriver can locate links through their text, using find_element_by_link_text or find_element_by_partial_link_text. Is it possible to locate any element (such as li, div, span, ...) by ...

webdriver xpath  
asked by Randomblue 15 votes
answered by user246 19 votes

Can I use Selenium to do Desktop Application testing?

Is it possible to test desktop applications using selenium? Suppose we have a simple application like gtalk. A desktop application, can we automate that application with selenium.

selenium selenium2  
asked by Ashwani Raj 16 votes
answered by Twaldigas 13 votes

Exactly how are BDD, TDD, ATDD, Kanban and Scrum different from a waterfall approach?

I don't understand the differences between the following terms: BDD - Behavior-driven development TDD - Test-driven development ATDD - Acceptance test-driven development Kanban Scrum How do these ...

agile-testing terminology agile  
asked by Ecka 33 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 52 votes
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