I am testing with some responsive tools for responsible website test.But sometimes these tools don't give me equal result. Like iPhone & iPad results & tools results don't match each with others. So that I am facing new problem & I can't find out bugs. At this time which tools will be better for testing responsive website it's most important for bug tracking.If anyone can give me others tools name & also url for testing responsive websites testing so please inform me. I am testing by these Tools are:

  1. http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/
  2. http://www.browserstack.com/responsive

Also I had some testing tools but I didn't share because my reputation isn't 10 up.

  • Firefox has a built-in responsive design tool (tools > web developer > responsive design tool) and so does Chrome (in the developer tools). – Chris Kenst Oct 31 '14 at 4:48

One of the options is as you have already tried - browserstack.

Then you can install android SDK on your machine. It provides an emulator for various screen sizes and android os.

For iOS you can try the xcode. I haven't used it personally but it is somewhat like the android sdk but for iOS. You will need Mac OS and iTunes store to install it.


No matter which emulator or tool you use, it will never give you proper result as the original device. The reason behind this being the difference in the environment. The environment, that is, the hardware and software that a PC operates on is different than the one's of a phone. Hence, the browsers are also different and they render webpages and their content in a different way. The emulators running on your computer will try to give you as close results to a phone as possible but never the actual result as you will get on phones. So sometimes all the emulators will do is change the screen resolution but it will not render the script as a mobile browser would.

So if you are looking for the best option is to test on the actual device!!!

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    It is very true what @milinpatel17 has written. I also tried many different tools both paid and free but none gives a proper result like the actual device. – KaiVacakis Oct 29 '14 at 11:31

Saucelabs and Browserstack are great emulators for testing mobile devices. These services provide a wide variety of platforms that can be used for manual and automated testing. Browser development tools can also provide a way to emulate mobile devices. This will give you a good idea of how the environment will display and function with your site. With that being said, Emulation will never be as good as testing on the actual device. A risk assessment will need to be completed in order to determine your test plan coverage.

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