I have tried to get the Graphs using jp@gc - Graphs Generator Listener

I have specified the following steps for jp@gc - Graphs Generator Listener

Output Folder : C:\JMETER\Company-Setup-JMX\TEST_RESULTS JMeter Results File: C:\JMETER\Company-Setup-JMX\TEST_RESULTS\Results1.csv File Prefix : PERF_

When i looked at the TEST_RESULTS folder, png files are created such as PERF_TimesVsThreads.png ; PERF_LatenciesOverTime.png so on..

But when I open the png file it's empty says "Waiting For Samples"

Please advise !

Thanks, Raj


My favorite Jmeter report is generated by downloading this project , running the included runTestsWithGradle.bat script, and then looking at the HTML report in the folder at: ./build/jmeter-report/ . Also, this report can be sent as an email.

enter image description here


In jmeter you can set any listener as per your need , check below please :


Best listeners are :

Aggregate Report Aggregate Graph Distribution Graph Summary Report

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