I have defined a few samplers in JMeter.

I want to trigger all those samplers at same time. Example: Say, I have 5 users and 5 samplers. I want each sampler is triggered at same time by each of user. This is the scenario.

How can I simulate this scenario using Jmeter?

  • I have scenario where I have to run multiple JDBC request using csv files for each JDBC request.How can I do this.Please help me. Thanks in advance. – user26025 Jun 6 '17 at 10:03

You would need 2 Thread Groups (TG).

Make sure that "Run Thread Groups consecutively" under your test plan is UNCHECKED else you'll be having 2nd TG running after 1st TG.


Your scenario is,

5 Users hitting 5 URLs(samplers) simultaneously.

So what you need to do is, in your Test Plan, add 5 Thread Groups. In each Thread Group configure the number of Threads to 5 and Ramp Up to 0.

Now, add one HTTP Request sampler in each Thread Group. Configure each sampler according to the URL you want to test.

Add Listener(s) to your Test Plan. Save the Test Plan and Run your test.

Make sure you haven't selected the "Run Thread Groups consecutively" in the Test Plan.


If you want to execute the same sampler simultaneously for a few users you have to put sampler into Synchronizing Timer

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    No, I want to execute different samplers simultaneously. – Debasish Pradhan Nov 26 '14 at 3:40

You can use Parallel Controller plugin in JMeter, created by Blazemeter for JMeter.
Please refer this link for more info.

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