I was wondering if anyone could help me find a way to output to the Eclipse console the results returned from executing a Javascript ?

These are the steps I manually perform (that I would like to automate):

  1. Open test web page.
  2. Open Google chrome Javascript console
  3. Type "productObj.mainURL" and enter

This will output to the Chrome Javascript console the URL value/attribute that I'm looking for.

I've done a fair bit of research on my own, and I am stumped.

I've tried the code below:

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
String mainURL = (String) js.executeScript("productObj.mainURL");

But all I get returned is a "null"...

Any help please?

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You need to tell it to return the value.

Change this line:

String mainURL = (String) js.executeScript("productObj.mainURL");


String mainURL = (String) js.executeScript("return productObj.mainURL");

String mainURL = (String) js.executeScript("return productObj.mainURL"); will give errors for some String.

String mainURL = js.executeScript("return productObj.mainURL").toString(); is better I guess.

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