I have faced problem while testing login Web service using jmeter which is build in Cake PHP, Showing message "Username and Password incorrect"

Cake Url: example


Parameter used in HTTP Request

Method used : Post

email :${[email protected]}

password :${password}

device_id :624d90909090090900009171355ce92deb486f014e251380b18

I have changed web service url to fix this issue.


enter image description here

Now i am not getting message in listener (View Result tree)Result data "Login Successfully"

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I believe that you need to construct your request a little bit differently.

  • For SOAP-based web services you need to send XML
  • For RESTful web services you need to send JSON

Appropriate Content-Type header needs to be provided via HTTP Header Manager - application/soap+xml - for SOAP - application/json - for REST

See Testing SOAP/REST Web Services Using JMeter guide for more details.

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