I need to check mail server written with Erlang and CommuniGate Pro with black box method.

I already checked work of POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocol via telnet.

Also work of mail server via STARTTLS, SSL/TLS with the list of popular mail clients (Thunderbird, The Bat, MS Outlook and several others).

I can't check the web version because it doesn't done yet. There is only server interactions with clients. What also should I check here?


are you familiar with 37 Sources for Test Ideas ? being careful not to step on anybody's copyrights here are some examples- - look for similar products, technologies or use cases either in your company or the general industry

  • look for standards, de facto industry standards or just conventions

  • think about the clients and how would they use the product, if you have real usage information it's even better

  • previous version of this or similar products

  • and plain common sense


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