Is there any good UAT online management website that is simple and effective? I have been looking for a while now to find a website out there to help me design tests and write documentation.

I know spreadsheet is the answer but looking for something more robust, ideally with notifications to help communication developer/tester

Thanks in advance


There are a lot of projects out there. I have used FogBugz, BugTracker, JIRA, and TFS.

As for templates, I have found this very handy:

As a {role}, I want to {feature/action} so that I can {value}

Conditions (optional)

  • Item 1...
  • Item 2...

Design/Dev Notes (optional)

  • Item 1...
  • Item 2...

Acceptance Criteria

  • Must allow ...
  • Must prompt ...
  • Must prevent ...
  • Must display ...
  • Broken Links {okay/unacceptable}
  • If… then…., else, and, but
  • Browsers
    • additional {browsers/devices}
  • Styled
  • Responsive

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