Jmeter: Could anyone explain me detailed explanation of the following terms in Graph Results? I have looped single user request for 100 time (i.e no of samples :100) for www.google.com and then i got following result in graph results:

    No of samples: 100
    Deviation: 86
    Latest Sample: 90 
    Throughput: 504.202/minute 
    Average: 117 (average of what) 
    Median: 89 (median of what)

and also which parameters are most important to observe to get its performance?


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First of all check JMeter Glossary for definition of basic load testing terms

In regards to median and average, as per The Load Reports guide

#Samples is the number of samples with the same label.

Average is the average time of a set of results.

Median is a number which divides the samples into two equal halves. Half of the samples are smaller than the median, and half are larger. [Some samples may equal the median.] This is a standard statistical measure. The Median is the same as the 50th Percentile.

90% Line (90th Percentile) meaning 90% of the samples took no more than this time.

Min is the shortest time for the samples with the same label

Max is the longest time for the samples with the same label

Error % is the percent of requests with errors

Throughput is measured in requests per second/minute/hour. The time unit is chosen so that the displayed rate is at least 1.0. When the throughput is saved to a CSV file, it is expressed in requests/second, i.e. 30.0 requests/minute is saved as 0.5.

Kb/sec - throughput measured in Kilobytes per second. Time is in milliseconds.

So it is time in milliseconds for Arithmetic Mean and Median for all the requests correspondingly.

  • Thanks @Dmitri T for this kind information. It really did helped me..
    – pritesh
    Commented Feb 26, 2015 at 12:52

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