I've implemented a key-value collection, that's accessible as a dictionary (so values can be retrieved by keys) and a list of entries (key-value pairs).

I'm not a tester myself and I have a hard time coming up with a good test cases to see, if there isn't some bug in implementation - but I didn't find through google any "typical" cases for quite a typical functionality.

I've added bunch of records, I've retrieved them (by key, by iteration), comparing to the source keys and values lists, I've created a test where I add records then delete random ones to see, if all remaining are actually there, but I wonder what I might be missing, before I start using that collection in my code.

To summarize: can anyone provide a list - just high-level concepts - what to test a key-value collection for?

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Try Googling for Java Hashmap test. I very quickly found this, and I am sure you can find many others.

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