I'm looking for a way to have a negative test result on a site requiring HTTPS that has a http->https redirect. I already have steps showing the redirect, and I can use the --ssl-version-max=ssl3 flag in Chrome to make the request fail, but I'd rather not have to explain why SSLv3 is essentially like not having SSL at all.

  • Does this help? disablessl3.com
    – user246
    Mar 24 '15 at 16:46
  • Not really. Appreciated, but that's more geared towards preventing POODLE attacks. I can already show that my webserver won't do anything lower than TLS1.0. I want to have objective evidence that HTTP won't work at all, but since the server redirects HTTP GET requests to HTTPS, I need a browser that won't do HTTPS at all. Mar 24 '15 at 17:01

You could try using oldweb.today for example here is IE4 rejecting https://google.com since it is HTTPS.

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