I'm learning about software quality assurance on my own (self-education). I am using a lot of youtube videos and I'm also googling some of questions. I have just realized that there are differences between SQA and Software tester. So can someone explain to me, why/how are they different from each other?

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Software quality analyst is responsible for applying the principles and practices of software quality assurance throughout the software development life cycle.

Some of the tasks of software quality analysts are:[citation needed]

  • Participate in QMS management review meetings.
  • Approves the QMS documents of which QA manager is the main author.
  • Undertake internal quality audits.
  • Plan and conduct quality audits of subcontractors.
  • Maintain and update training and audit databases to provide reports / indicators for discussion during QMS management review meetings
  • Identify problems or deficiencies in products and QMS.
  • Resolve problems QMS implementation issues.
  • Perform Internal Quality Audit.
  • Participate in External Quality Audit.
  • Track all the software related metrics in terms of schedule,effort,defects etc.
  • Review the model followed by project.

Software Tester :

A technician who conducts prescribed tests on software programs and applications prior to their implementation to ensure quality, design integrity and proper functionality. They apply rigorous testing methods including extensive end-user simulations to uncover program "bugs" which are then eliminated by the software programmers.


I think that it is important to understand the difference between testing and QA.

There is one post you need to read on the topic by Michael Bolton, Testers get out of the QA business.

The short version is that testers, who don't change code, are assisting with quality, not assuring it.


To put it simple:

QA is a process-oriented activity - evaluation, review and improvement of processes across the software development life cycle. Better processes=>better product (quality).

QC (Quality Control) is product-oriented and involves dynamic testing and static techniques such as reviews, inspections etc. Products are e.g. specifications, design documents, code itself, database models etc.

Testing is not a QA activity. However, it provides inputs (e.g. root cause analysis of an issue might discover a problem in the development processes) and therefore they are related.

Technically speaking, quality analyst would be someone doing QA activities..or it can be someone dealing with non-functional requirements (qualities) of the system. In the end, it always depend on the company and its culture. I have seen so many companies calling manual testers "QA Analysts".

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