I am unable to record in MonkeyTalk, the record button stays disabled

I took the following steps:

  1. Created a sample android project in eclipse
  2. Created libs folder in the android project and copied monkey talk agent into the libs folder(monkeytalk-agent-2.1.10.jar)
  3. Right-click on project and configured to Configure -> Convert to AspectJ Project
  4. Right-click on project and select AspectJ Tools -> Add to AspectJpath
  5. Opened the AndroidManifest.xml and copied the below two lines in that XML file to give permission
  6. Right-click on the android project and navigated to project properties-> Java Build Path-> Order and Export tab -> checked AspectJ Runtime Library.
  7. Right-click on project ->Run ->Android application.
  8. After that, I created a sample project in MonkeyTalkIDEProfessional
  9. And then I created a sample test script in the project(Right-click on project and navigated to New -> Script).
  10. Clicked on android connection icon and selected the option(Android Emulator) option. In this case, the record button of MonkeyTalkIDEProfessional is disabled.

How do I get the record button enabled?


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