I want to use the Selenium method mouseMoveAt(java.lang.String locator,java.lang.String coordString). How do I set coordString?

For example, if coordString is the x,y position (10,20), what does that mean?


You could use following to get element position run time and use them

String xCoordinate = selenium.getElementPositionLeft("elementLocator");
String yCoordinate = selenium.getElementPositionTop("elementLocator");
  • Thanks Tarun , So In this case if I have to move my mouse at particular position i need to store the x,y values in string and then use mouseMoveAt() similar for clickAt() method etc... – smriti Jun 24 '11 at 12:23
  • yup you should try that – Tarun Jun 25 '11 at 1:53

The above answer is not a possible solution because selenium.getElementPositionLeft("elementLocator"); returns a number and not a string and not just that it also gives an error which says that we cannot make static reference to non static methods.

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