I am investigating the use of Cucumber in my company, but I will need a good test management tool to store test results, and do reporting.

Can anyone recommend a test management tool that can work with Cucumber?

(Note that I have taken a look at What test management tool to manage Cucumber tests?. This was in 2012 and there is nothing suitable there that I can use, and I am hoping for an update on the info)

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    What do you expect from a test-management tool? What are your test-result goals, how do you want to report them? – Niels van Reijmersdal Apr 22 '15 at 8:12

Cucumber is your test-management tool, not? The scenario's are the test-cases for the requirement.

The the cucumber book explains how you can structure your features in a logical way to use it as documentation.

I suggest you combine cucumber-reporting with Jenkins to run the cucumber steps and archive the results per build.

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Reporting is taken care by Cucumber report but if you are looking for something smooth like QC-QTP combo , you will not find it with cucumber .

The max you will get is that the features which are run using cucumber are stored and tracked in Jira.

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