I have a problem. I would like to do sequential http request with JMeter but with simultaneous users.

Example : I've got 100 users and at the same time they try to do :

  1. Login
  2. Do stuff 1
  3. Do stuff 2
  4. Logout

In this order :

In my results I don't want to have

User 1 do : login, stuff 1, stuff 2, logout,

after that

User 2 do : login, stuff 1, stuff 2, logout, ...

I would like to have at the same time User 1 and 2 try to login after that they do their stuff and logout.

So, in my results I can have this example :

Login user 1
Login user 2
Stuff 1 user 1
Stuff 2 user 1
Stuff 1 user 2
Stuff 2 user 2
Logout user 2
Logout user 1



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Although I have a hard time understanding what you exactly want to achieve, I will try to summarise:

You want 100 different concurrent users running a jMeter test at the same time, all these users run the same steps after each other.

That means three things:

  1. Build a jMeter test for the steps. (I would record the steps)
  2. Running the test with 100 concurrent users, use ramp-up 0, see: JMeter concurrent users count and JMeter understanding ramp up
  3. Running the test with 100 different logins, see: Multiple user logins in jmeter
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    Agreed that the Op may want to reconsider their requirements.
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    Commented Jan 25, 2016 at 15:18

In this case you are not actually running 100 users simultaneously. Instead, you are trying to execute 1 user for 100 times with different credentials. In this case your thread count is 1.

I think you are maintaining the credentials of your user in a different csv then adding that csv into the test plan and selecting option as Stop Thread on EOF=true, then at the thread group level make loop count forever.

This will definitely work and you get the solution as you expected

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