I started work as junior QA and after 2 months of manual testing my boss told me to learn about automation.

The problem is that I should test app which has been written in JavaScript for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Mobile. I searched for topics on the internet but I didn't found anything interesting.

Does anyone have any advice?


In Visual Studio you can create a Coded UI Test. Here is an example from the MSDN.

Alternatively, you can use Selenium and the Windows Phone driver. Available on CodePlex.

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There's one more new and promising tool — Winium.

Few more comments:

  • Coded UI — official, from Microsoft; languages are Microsoft ones (C#, etc.).
    It should be stable, but scalability (parallel run) is a question, also you need some time to get familiar with it.

  • Winium — third-party, promising & actively developed. Right now supports native mobile apps & Silverlight apps, web & hybrid apps are coming. Most popular languages are supported. It's Selenium-based, so with Selenium experience it's easy to start.
    Scalability: can be included in SeleniumGrid, "out of box".

  • Windows Phone Driver - third-party, only for testing mobile web on Windows Phone. Not actively developed / supported right now. Has some limitations. Also Selenium-based, so supports many languages, scalable & easy-to-start for Selenium-experienced engineers.

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