I'm trying to set up a web performance test in Visual Studio 2013 (the online tutorials seem targeted at earlier versions of VS).

I right click in my solution explorer and select Add ... then Web Performance test.

Immediately an IE browser window pops up, and in the background IDE I see a button saying "stop recording". Okay, so I'm recording, right?

I click through a few things on our web app, then I click "stop recording" in VS and nothing happens.

The panel where I would expect to surface some kind of activity seems blank!

enter image description here

When I click run test it immediately says "Passed". Doesn't appear to be doing anything.

I tried running this from a separate instance of Visual Studio as well as from the same solution as our web app.

Also, when I click "Show recorder" nothing happens.

I'm running VisualStudio 2013 Update 4.

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The answer was buried in some MSDN documentation that was challenging to reach via Google.

Also ... don't forget to enable the test tool. Might have to check a couple places.

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