Im trying to set up cucumber over my page object. I currently have as my login page object:

@FindBy (id  = cF.username)           public WebElement username;
@FindBy (id  = cF.password)           public WebElement password;
@FindBy (id  = cF.loginButton)        public WebElement loginButton;

public websiteProspector_beta doLogin(String myUsername, String myPassword) throws IOException {
    logs.InfoDetails("Logging Into Tomcat8- 2092");

    try {

and my step description as:

    @And("^I log into ao$")
public void i_log_into_ao() throws Throwable {
    actonLogin = new actonLogin(driver);
    actonLogin.doLogin(cF.loginUsername, cF.loginPassword);
    throw new PendingException();

When i run it, it successfully runs the first two steps, however when it comes to an object with @findby, I get this error:

at com.acton.PageObjects.loginPage.actonLogin.doLogin(actonLogin.java:41)
at com.acton.cucumber.cucumberSteps.i_log_into_ao(cucumberSteps.java:41)
at ✽.And I log into ao(com/acton/cucumber/login.feature:6)

The reason why I know it's due to the @Findby is because when I change the login page object to use "driver.findelement(By...." it's successful with no errors. is there something im missing?

I am new to cucumber and automation all together, any help i can get is appreciated.

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Did you run PageFactory.initElements? The PageFactory magic won't actually parse the annotations until you do so. I usually put into the constructor a line like:

PageFactory.initElements(driver, this);

So that it runs when I construct the page.


You are mapping the elements correctly, however, you forgot to start the WebElements, you do this using PageFactory.initElements(). Below is an example of how I do it in my projects, the selectors come from the LoginActions class.

package money.flowmy.testing.PageObjects;

import money.flowmy.testing.Actions.LoginActions;
import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;
import org.openqa.selenium.support.PageFactory;

public class LoginPage extends LoginActions {

    public static String url = "http://nginx/login";
    public WebDriver webDriver;

    public LoginPage(WebDriver webDriver) {
        this.webDriver = webDriver;
        PageFactory.initElements(webDriver, this);

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