I am flabbergasted but none of these queries seems to work.

"Defect Severity" = "critical"
"Defect Severity" = "1-critical"
"Defect Severity" = "Critical"
"Defect Severity" = critical
"Defect Severity" = 1-Critical
"Defect Severity" = "1"

I spent 30 mins browsing the web and Atlassian for examples..none.

It says:

The option '1-Critical' for field 'Defect Severity' does not exist.

for each of those..Why?

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That is because the field name you are looking for is likely "priority" and not "severity". Here is the query I use to find any blockers in QA:

status = "Ready for QA" AND priority = Blocker ORDER BY created ASC, updatedDate ASC

"Priority" can equal "Blocker", "Severe", "Major", "Minor", or "Trivial".

Check out the official documentation on how to use advanced filters in JIRA.

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