I am currently learning page object model (POM) and I am trying to access a specific web element using @FindBy but I am not sure how to correctly write the syntax for my element into @FindBy?

What I have is:


So my question is how do I place a[da-qid='inventory'] correctly into @FindBy?


By, a[da-qid='inventory'], what I mean is that it selects every <a> element whose da-qid value begins with 'inventory'.

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I've used that kind of locators in my last project and it's worked like charm. I hope this is that You want :)

  • Awesome, thanks! This is what I was look for.
    – Robben
    Jul 23, 2015 at 20:31

I can't give you an exact answer without seeing the full element, but the official documentation on selectors ought to help you out.


This syntax might help u check out. @FindBy(locator="locator value") private WebElement elementName; Don't forget in POM we follow encapsulation concept

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