I am a Quality Assurance Analyst. In order to expand my horizon I am studying Lean Six Sigma. I found it very interesting. I am trying my best to spare time to attend seminars and study books in order to learn it. Good thing is, now I am now aware of many new processes like, Kaizen.

My question is - how Six sigma is beneficial for a QA/tester? I am concerned that as a QA/tester, my path is correct or should I go for some other training/certification.

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This is likely to be geography specific. Where I live, certifications are risky; admitting to having them can actually count against you by suggesting a lack of experience or a narrow view of how software quality work should be performed. Here, in Seattle, WA, I would recommend looking at local community college programs, reading books on software testing, work experience, and / or contributing to open source projects online over certification. I understand that certifications are highly desirable in other areas, even within this same country. The level of role you are seeking may also be relevant.

Look for local QA meetup groups, and ask there. You really need local information for this, IMO.

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Most of my peers (past and present) have ISTQB certs. That is specifically QA. If you want to learn lean, I suggest buying a book on the Toyota Production System as there is no meaningful cert for that.

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In any industry, Lean methodology helps. In IT industry also lean six sigma helps in measuring the details and finding out solutions and improving the process. Instead of a QA who loves to test initially, I recommend a QA Manager or Service Delivery Manager can go for Lean Six Sigma (various belts- based on the company standards) which helps in auditing and improvise the process.

As a QA, i can recommend to learn automation and performance instead of getting into Lean Six Sigma. Because this helps to boost up your career path.

But for academic purpose if you wish to know what is Lean and what is Six Sigma etc, you can go to online courses (Paid as well as free).

Below are some of free courses for reference.



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