I need to make a test to login on 5 different sites. The issue is that some of them have a login button, and the others display directly the login form, to fill the username and password.

The only thing in common between those sites, that has a login button is that their class contains a login text in the name. I'm using the POM model for the pages and identify the elements in the following way:

@FindBy(how = How.ID, using = "txtPassword")
private WebElement passwordField;

Is there a way to find those login buttons using contains? What would be the best practice to handle this kind of operation?

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If you need to go by something else than id, check this link.

In your case, you can use className or xpath or css - depending on your exact HTML code. So for example, you could have something like:

@FindBy(how = How.className, using = "login")
private WebElement passwordField;

This way, you can define the login buttons in a broader sense so all of them match a single definition. Of course, like Peter's reply suggests, if these are different pages and you want to apply the POM strictly, you could have a different class for each page. Might seem more work to maintain at first, but what if one of your five pages changes the HTML class?

  • You don't need always use 'how=....' You can simply use @FindBy(css="login") , this is exactly the same as @FDM wrote, but short version.
    – wmarchewka
    Commented Jul 28, 2015 at 7:20

best practice will be to use page object design pattern. Then, each page has login method, which does login in a page-specific way.


You always can use xpath, for example simple xpath for button with text "Login" will be (with findby of course):

private WebElement loginButton;

Or if You want to locate button that contains few words and You want to use only for example two of it, this will be:

@FindBy(xpath=".//button[contains(text(), 'Login to')]")
private WebElement FirstLoginButton;

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