My company recently began migrating from using QTP to Selenium webdriver. We are looking for a test management tool similar to Quality Center (what is QTP primaly for) that would work well with Selenium. We need a tool to schedule and run our tests.

Any suggestions for free open source or other inexpensive tools?

I've searched but have only seen old threads. Thanks.

  • test runner like Jenkins is enough? Something with more features? Which features? Jul 29, 2015 at 18:01
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    Our main features we need are Running Selenium tests unattended, Report testing results, and Defect tracking. Would Jenkins work for this?
    – JohnP15
    Jul 29, 2015 at 18:03
  • Jenkins can run any script before or after execution and you could use any web api for loggin issues. Here is an example for QC: stackoverflow.com/questions/22027445/… Jul 29, 2015 at 18:56

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I do not know what features QC delivers for running automated tests, but this is what I would do to maintain a Selenium test-suite:

As a test runner for Selenium just use a unit-test runner in the language you are developing your tests in. Most xUnit-tests runners generate the same result files, which can be parsed by report generators for reporting.

To schedule these test-runs I would advice using a continuous integration server, and to let all tests run on each commit/check-in in the source control system. (Understand which new code breaks what test, as soon as possible.)

For CI products look at:

Setup a digital wallboard to show the feedback of the CI server or let it send notifications by email or chat.

For more human readable test management that can easily be combined with Selenium look at these open source tools:

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    Just want to add: As Jenkins is open source there are many tutorials for different languages out there and you'll get it fast to work. I really like it.
    – bish
    Jul 30, 2015 at 4:59

Adding to Niels answer that CI-Servers like Jenkins are the tool of choice for automated test execution (which I strongly support), I like to point out that there are also plugins available for transferring the test results from Jenkins to a full blown test management application for archiving and reporting as well as merging them with other test results as e.g. unit tests or manual test results.

One example would be the Jenkins Klaros-Testmanagement Plugin which adds a Build-Publisher to automatically transfer the results to Klaros-Testmanagement which is both available in a free Community Edition as well as a commercially supported version.

Disclaimer: I am working on both of these implementations


Don't forget Serenity aka Thycidides (http://thucydides.info/docs/serenity-staging/) It is in that sense a test management tool as it excels in creating a living test documentation for you which is also a great test report. You can use it with JBehave or Cucumber or just with plain jUnit. It depends on maven or grade to run the tests.

  • You meant gradle instead of grade?
    – dzieciou
    Mar 4, 2016 at 7:10

I also use Tosca Testsuite. I can create Execution lists, do distributed execution, link to our CI and have the risk contribution of the test case. and use the other features, like service virtualization, distributed execution and test case design.


I am not sure if it actually does more than you ask for. PS: You can find it among the sponsors of the Selenium project


We are looking for a test management tool similar to Quality Center

I would actually suggest that the equivalent tool does NOT exist.
My experience over the past few years is that you have to pick the programming language and the test automation framework within that language.
Even with test frameworks though, you will still need to manually write the structure of the tests and test suites. The test frameworks themelves do not specify or provide such an integrated tool.

The various answers about Jenkins (which would also apply to CircleCI my new favorite tool) do not apply in my opinion as they are about running an already developed suite using a continuous integration server. CI tools themselves do not solve the test organization issue.


I believe TestRail can be edited to be able to spin off automated tests within the TestRail site.

See: http://docs.gurock.com/testrail-custom/automation-trigger


If you want to have a look at Open source options, here is a comprehensive link of such test management tools Open Source Test Management Tools


We are using Jenkins CI and TestRail. Also we have our own framework which makes reporting much more easy.


hope it helps


For test management we are primarily using google spreadsheets, we push the results from our test runs to the spreadsheet where we analyze it. Please check out this article Managing Regression using spreadsheets

There are also frameworks which provide reports like Fitnesse


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