For anyone who has experience with using markdown to write test cases would you recommend it for test cases?

I am specifically thinking instead of the HPQC step - expected - actual style, or given-when-then format for test cases?


So - short answer - YES. I recommend it.

I use MD in my test-case documentation quite a bit in JIRA, and as you mention, it is especially useful for making test-structure easy to read. I like to use it especially for given-when-then style notation.

An example of how I use it:

> my test environment has been set up correctly
**and** some other conditions are met

> I push _the big red button_

> _the big red light_ should flash **and** _the alarm_ should sound

results in it being rendered similarly to:


my test environment has been set up correctly and some other conditions are met


I push the big red button


the big red light should flash and the alarm should sound

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