I am recording user scenario using QTP 11.0. So I have set up URL to open in IE 11 in Record and Run Settings.

After starting record Security Windows dialog pops up over IE window:

enter image description here

I fill in all the information and click 'OK'. All the actions are displayed in test recording window:

enter image description here

Here is generated VB Script:

Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinEdit("Edit").Set "login"
Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinEdit("Edit").Type  micTab 
Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinEdit("Edit_2").SetSecure "55e843e24276e91e"
Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinEdit("Edit_2").Type  micTab 
Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinObject("DirectUIHWND").Type  micTab 
Window("Internet Explorer_2").Dialog("Безопасность Windows").WinButton("ОК").Type  micReturn 

But after the authorization is complited and web-page is loaded, not a single action is recorded. Does anyone know how to deal with it?

Researches till now:

Checked Object Identification... parameters for Web:

enter image description here

Checked Web Event Recording Configuration...:

enter image description here

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QTP 11.0 does not support IE11.

The first version that supporto IE11 is UFT 12.


I don't have a solution, but only a posible workaround:

The URL spec supports passing username & password, so that you don't have to enter it manually (in the security popup, which seems to cause the problem). In your automation, you could try navigating to the URL as follows:

http://login:[email protected]

where login is your username and password is the password

However in Internet Explorer MS disabled that feature, so you need to enable it manually, as described here.

After enabling it as described in the linked article, you're better off testing it yourself before feeding the URL through your automation, so that you're 100% sure it works.


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    Thanks! But as I figured out the broblem is more global: QTP does not record web-actions at all. Sep 3, 2015 at 15:22

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