When we enter text in google search textbox it auto-suggest the options, the objects changes.

Now I want to click the Search button which was earlier Google Search.

I have created the Google Search button with name property and btnK is the value.

Now as the property changes to btnG, so how I can retrieve the properties and then use this property value to identify the object.

This sounds like dead-end because object changes and so we cannot retrieve it's value. I believe we can use dynamic property here. But I am stuck here! I am using Selenium webdriver with Java.

Any help is appreciated!

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Given that in this specific case the name property is dynamic, I would recommend trying an alternative selector that is static instead. For example, using google.com, we can select the button using the code below.

driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("input[value='Google Search']"))

If you do wish to stick with checking a dynamic value, you can check for part of the name using contains in the css selector.


This should pull in both the google search button and I'm feeling lucky button. I recommend the approach further above that uses value in the selector because it is more specific.

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