I've got an offline app that has been built on HTML/CSS/JS and it runs only on 'iPad iOS 8.4' within a wrapper application.

The interactions are very simple: You can go from page to page and you can have any UI elements that a website can have, but being an offline app you cannot have any HTTP request and any dependencies must be included within the directory containing the .html file.

The structure of the app is: Each HTML page is its own standalone directory so any dependencies must be included within that directory.

Production Dir structure looks like this:



There is no way for page1 to use any of the dependencies that page2 have and vice-a-versa, its just the way the app works.

I used grunt to build this app in a way one would build a website and then produced the folder structure you see above.

So I don't have to update styles in every folder if there is a global change

Development folder structure looks like this:


What tools/frameworks can I use to test an application like this, where I don't need to do cross browser testing only testing on an iOS device iPad?

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Run the App in an iOS simulator that comes with Xcode, then test with selenium.


What you also could consider is using Appium, which is quite similar to selenium. Included blogpost has a very detailed explanation.



You have not mentioned which type of testing you want to do. If you want to do automated functional testing, I can recommend Ranorex.

With this tool you can directly record tests on your iPad.


Install Firefox and the SeleniumIDE plug and write simple automated tests with it.

Export to a programming language such as C#, Ruby or Python as desired.

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