I am using the CSV data set config for login multiple users, but cannot read the parameter.

Thread group screenshort.

CSV data set config screenshot: Screenshot

Http request default page : Screenshot

login parameter screenshot : Screenshot

View result tree screenshot: Screenshot

I have done all above processes but not able to solve the problem.
Other screenshots are added in comment.

Can someone explain all process step by step.


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You need to use ${email} instead of $(email) also for password. You can check details in previously answered question here.

  • Thank for you answer but this process is can not work. I have perform the process but same result produce Oct 15, 2015 at 6:54

The issue which you are facing is because of the wrong usage of parameter syntax in your script. You have used login = $(email) and password = &(password) which is wrong way of declaring and using CSV file parameters in JMeter. The correct syntax is ${parametername} for using parameters in JMeter.

So use,

login = ${email}
password = ${password}

and your script will work fine, remember name of parameters is case sensitive. Go through this link for more details.

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