I am writing an automation test script using Robot Framework & Selenium2Library for testing our web application (I am writing test cases in .txt format)

I am having a problem on handling two different input fields using Robot Framework. I have to change the values of these two input types using RF. So far I couldn't find any specific keywords to perform this functionalities.

These are the different input fields I have to test:

  1. Range Input Field

html code : <input type="range" id="fontSize" min="8" max="20" step="1" value="12">

Here is the testing scenario : I have to move the slider to a different location & I have to check the value of input range field

  1. Color Picker

enter image description here

Here is the testing scenario: I have to move the pointer through out the color picker window & Select a particular color from the color picker ( I have to store the selected color into a variable for future reference)

I didn't get any particular solution for handling this issue. Is there any keywords in robot framework to test 'Range Input Field' & 'Color Picker'? Can you please suggest asolution for this issue

  • Can you point to a publicly available sample of the controls, so we can see and try possible solutions? Apart from that, yes, robotframework/Selenium don't have such high-level keywords and methods. I doubt any generic framework does - they have to be constructed for the particular SUT, according to the functionality it provides. Commented Mar 16, 2017 at 7:15
  • I'm having the same problem, have you found a way to solve it Commented Apr 19, 2017 at 13:14

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For input[type="range"], following keyword Set Range can be used. I have tested this with this HTML and the used the attached test case for testing the keyword. Just add the following code snippet in Selenium2Library/keyword/_element.py and import math, time library.

import math
import time

def set_range(self, locator, val):
# The adjustment helper to drag the slider thumb
    def adjust(deltax):
        if deltax < 0:
            deltax = int(math.floor(min(-1, deltax)))
            deltax = int(math.ceil(max(1, deltax)))
        ac = ActionChains(self._current_browser())
        ac.move_by_offset(deltax, 0)

    el = self._element_find(locator, True, True)
    minval = float(el.get_attribute("min") or 0)
    maxval = float(el.get_attribute("max") or 100)
    v = max(0, min(1, (float(val) - minval) / (maxval - minval)))
    width = el.size["width"]
    target = float(width) * v
    ac = ActionChains(self._current_browser())
    # drag from min to max value, to ensure oninput event
    ac.move_to_element_with_offset(el, 0, 1)
    ac.move_by_offset(width, 0)
    # drag to the calculated position
    ac.move_to_element_with_offset(el, target, 1)
    # perform a binary search and adjust the slider thumb until the value matches
    minguess = 0
    maxguess = 0
    while True:
        curval = el.get_attribute("value")
        if float(curval) == float(val):
            return True
        prev_guess = target
        if float(curval) < float(val):
            minguess = target
            target += (maxguess - target) / 2
           maxguess = target
           target = minguess + (target - minguess) / 2
        deltax = target-prev_guess
        if abs(deltax) < 0.5:
            break # cannot find a way, fallback to javascript.
        time.sleep(0.1) # Don't consume CPU too much
    # Finally, if the binary search algoritm fails to achieve the final value
    # we'll revert to the javascript method so at least the value will be changed
    # even though the browser events wont' be triggered.
     # Fallback
    self._current_browser().execute_script("arguments[0].value=arguments[1];", el, val)
    curval = el.get_attribute("value")
    if float(curval) == float(val):
        return True
        raise Exception("Can't set value %f for the element." % val)

Here's the test case:

 *** Settings ***

Documentation  TC1: A test case to set range

Resource       common_resource.txt

*** Test Cases ***

A test case to set range
    Open Browser  url=https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FEXUIFH94YGB
    Click Element  css=button[onclick="submitTryit(1)"]
    Select Frame  css=iframe#iframeResult
    Wait Until Page Contains Element  css=input[type="range"]
    Set Range  css=input[type="range"]  8
    Set Range  css=input[type="range"]  20

Reference: Selenium: How to automate html5 input range element on Webdriver

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