This test does a login on a non-angular site, then switches to angular app and performs the testing. I found that regular bindings by.css work, but custom ones like by.binding don't.

describe('show-rights: TC15269-restrictions', function () {

    var page = new Page();

    it('should display the restrictions', function () {
        //login on a non-angular site
        browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;
        //redirects to the user login
        element(by.css('#username')).sendKeys = 'User1';
        //this click will do 2 redirects, the last one being the angular app 
        browser.wait(function () {
            return browser.getCurrentUrl().then(function (currentUrl) {
                return currentUrl.indexOf('channel/moonlight-1202275') > -1;
           }, 15000));
        //mark app as Angular
        browser.ignoreSynchronization = false;
        //this will fail


the html

    <p>{{ formattedType }}</p>

(Protractor version 2.5.1, angular 1.3.17)

To fix it, I'm refreshing the page:

//mark app as Angular
browser.ignoreSynchronization = false;

//this fixes the custom selectors issue:
//this now works

Is there another solution?

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