I am looking for a good reporting tool for Python tests-specifically the one which supports Python 3.0+, with Selenium, built using the default PyUnit framework.

So far I have come across only one tool, which is

But it doesn't serves the purpose, since it doesn't supports Python 3.0+ (I tried the GIT repository but return empty handed). I am trying to port the code to Python 3.0, but I want an option in case I fail (or time constraints come in to play).

Another option is Allure, but since it supports only PyTest, I am not able to use it.

Does anybody has used any other tool other than this. Please suggest.


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So after some deliberations and code changes (not much), I was able to port the HTMLRunnner code to Python 3.0+ compatible mode.

I ran a simple test suite using the HTMLRunner and I can see an HTML report created out of it. It's not as fancy as Allure but it does the job.

Another option suggested by @Amazpyel is Nose, although I haven't tried it out yet.

If any body wants to use the HTMLRunner Python 3.0+ code, here it is in my GIT : HTMLRunner

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