I am using log4net for creating execution logs of test cases which are created and being executed using Selenium Webdriver in C#. I was able to implement the logging functionality but I am facing an issue with the same or you can say I have a query related to this logging feature. I have seen that every web link which provides information about this logging has shown it in a way like:

driver = new ChromeDriver();
logger.Info("Browser is launched");
logger.Info("Navigate to the URL provided by the user");
logger.Info("Maximize the window");

i.e. I have to use this line 'logger.Info' at all such places where logging is required.

Is there any way in which I can avoid using it repetitively? i.e. I use 'logger.Info' only at one places and it creates logs for the whole test case execution automatically, means I want to avoid repeating this line again and again.

Reference links (these links shows that I have repeat this code of line):-

  1. learn-automation.com

  2. toolsqa.com

  3. softwaretestinghelp.com

  4. eyecatch.no


Write some wrapper class with all the WebDrive Methods (add log messages there) and use those methods in your tests.


public class WebDriverMethods {

  public static final LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(WebDriverMethods.class.getName());
  public void click(By by) {
     //click logic

  public void type(By by,String data) {
     //sendKeys logic
     LOGGER.info(data+" data entered in "+by);

   // write all the required methods


Use above methods in your testcase to get logs for each step performed.

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