I was recently interviewed for a job as a developer in test, and the interviewer asked me if I had any previous experience with servlets.

This questions was totally odd because they don't use servlets at all, and I can't see how webdriver is used together with servlets.

When is servlets necessary for webdriver? To build APIs or what?


Servlet is one of available server-side technologies to generate HTML web pages. From WebDriver point of view it is really not relevant how HTML web page it tests has been generated.


May be interviewer is interested in developing an custom web framework/Tool.So in that case, we use servlets as server side technology to develop web applications. And I think this is one of the way to use, I am sure there will be multiple uses of webdriver+servlets


I don't think that servlets are particularly ever absolutely necessary for Selenium WebDriver, but I have seen some custom cases where they are used.

One case in particular dealt with running Selenium Grid in AWS. It's actually a github project that allows you to take advantage of EC2 auto-scaling capabilities in AWS for your Selenium Grid nodes. Your test(s) talk to a servlet to get the status of the grid/nodes, and EC2 instances are spun up as nodes and attached to the hub depending on how many browsers/threads you requested to the servlet. Pretty neat stuff.

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