In my Datatable three rows are present. After clicking on Add button new row is generated and I need to put input values from datatable.

Problem: How to identify field of each row dynamically for inserting values?


    For i=1 to rowcount
         lenth =Datatable.Value(1,5)
         width= Datatable.Value(2,5)
         height= Datatable.Value(3,5)
Browser("Magma MCR").Page("Magma MCR").WebEdit("ship_info1[length_val]"Set lenth 
Browser("Magma MCR").Page("Magma MCR").WebEdit("ship_info1[width_val]").Set width 
Browser("Magma MCR").Page("Magma MCR").WebEdit("ship_info1[height_val]").Set height 
Browser("Magma MCR").Page("Magma MCR").WebEdit("ship_info1[weight_val]").Set weight 
Browser("Magma MCR").Page("Magma MCR").WebEdit("ship_info1[total_pieces]").Set piece

In this script,

Here in first row, web element name is "ship_info1[height_val]"

for next added row, web element gets chnaged to "ship_info2[height_val]"

So, I want to select this web-element dynamically. Please see the attached image. enter image description here


As per my understanding you want to dynamically fetch values for all the Ship info's , so in that case as you are keeping a loop for every row, you need to just put the code of updating values inside the loop and use Regular expression for Ship_info name, a wildcard for Ship_info.* for handling 1 ,2 etc values of different rows and also you can handle the same in loop by Ship_info.i . There are multiple ways to handle this case.


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