I have to test my application with some remote numbers (e.g. South African). What I will do is call an API which itself sends certain USSD message on the number. I want to check the behaviour of the mobile. Is any service available for such testing?


I did such testing with my previous telecom company.

  • Method 1: Search in google "receive sms online verification" you end with number of virtual number websites, select your required country.
  • Method 2: If you using any specific SMS gateways then use SMPP Protocol tool provided by the SMS platform company, it show the status when SMS is delivered to customer.
  • Method 3: Make few friends from that country and tell them to check your sent SMS status on their mobile.
  • What i need is sort of accessibility of the remote device. I have some third party exposed api which my application call. That APi then send ussd message to the device. I have to currently engage a remote resource who have the device to check the ussd message. – Kamran Shahid Nov 23 '15 at 10:23

Purchase number in some service (e.g. twilio/nexmo). There you will have access to that number inbox via API provided by that service

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