The task is to open (click) menu item, e.g. File >> Open using QTP 11.0

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You can check here how to spy drop-down menu properties with object spy.

Below is the code that is autogenerated by QTP when I drag-and-drop JavaMenu "File" from object repository:

JavaWindow("File: Test.java").JavaMenu("File").Select 

I expected (from my experience of working with Java Tabbed Pane) that the next code should work:

JavaWindow("File: Test.java").JavaMenu("File").Select "Open"

But encountered Run Error: Inappropriate quantity of arguments or assigning value of property: JavaWindow("...").JavaMenu("...").Select (my translation of localized QTP message)

So it lools like Select should not take any arguments.

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The solution is to access menu items on drop-down pane with descriptive programming and use Select function without arguments:

JavaWindow("File: Test.java").JavaMenu("File").JavaMenu("label:=Open").Select

This works fine, but finally I came to the usage of pure descriptive programming (DP) to avoid usage of object repository:

JavaWindow("label:=File: Test.java*").JavaMenu("label:=File").JavaMenu("label:=Open").Select

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